Brexit (update 20/10/2020)

Van Mieghem Logistics, your ideal partner for managing your customs formalities

As you know, the United Kingdom (UK) decided on 20 January 2020 to leave the European Union and the transition period will end on 31 December 2020. Following the last round of negotiations on 14 and 15 October between the European Union (EU) and the UK, a NO DEAL seems to be the most likely option. This decision and its consequences will have a considerable impact on the transport of goods between the UK and the EU. What will be the consequences for you? It really depends on the nature of the goods, if you trade food or agricultural goods with the UK the impact at your level, for example, will be much greater. Below, we will give you some ideas to help you anticipate these uncertainties that still exist today.


With a NO DEAL, the UK will leave the Customs Union and become a third country, which means that customs documents will become compulsory. Your customs agency VAN MIEGHEM LOGISTICS has all the authorisations to carry out future customs formalities between the EU and the UK (and vice versa). However, in order to do so, you need to have taken the following steps beforehand:

  • Request your EORI number from Belgian Customs (
  • Sign our "CUSTOMS AND EXCISE REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT" (available on request).


From 1 January 2021 you will also be required to provide us with the following documents when exporting goods to the UK:

  • Commercial Invoice showing the currency, value, origin of each item, the name of the exporting company and the name of the importing company.
  • Packing list indicating the number of packing units, the net weight and imperatively the gross weight.
  • The customs codes of your goods (preferably on the invoice), these are the nomenclature codes of the International Harmonised System (HS-CODE). We can also help you to determine these codes at your request.
  • The incoterm you will be using for your shipment.
  • Information about the customs office at destination. If the recipient in the UK is not aware of this, we can carry out customs clearance on your behalf.


It is also very important to note that your UK consignee must also be registered as an importer through the UK EORI system, otherwise it will not be possible to complete the UK import formalities.


In the case of an import from the UK to the EU, it is up to the exporter in the UK to provide all the necessary documents as indicated above (invoice, packing list, customs codes) and it is the Incoterm that will determine your responsibility in the supply chain. We can assist you with customs formalities on departure and arrival of goods in the EU. You should also be aware that many products imported into the EU are subject to import taxation and that the deferral of import VAT is not systematic. It is granted following an administrative request to the FDA Finance via form ET14000 (


Let us prepare together for this major change in future EU-UK trade relations. Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions on +32 2 391 95 70 or by email via