We invest in electric vehicles

The first Belgian eActros is in our fleet.

After a successful test that allowed us to cover 30,000 km with the first generation of the eActros in 2021, we are happy to officially announce the definitive integration of this 100% electric truck in our fleet, making us the first Belgian company to take the step with such a vehicle model.


We have chosen the eActros 400. With its four battery packs, this electric vehicle offers us a range of about 400 kilometers on a single charge, which allows us to transport our customers' goods without emissions and without any noise.

Our vehicle is equipped with an all-electric refrigeration unit, which serves to maintain an optimal temperature in the loading area while reducing the energy required for its operation. In addition, the cooling unit avoids energy peaks, regardless of the desired temperature!


Our choice of the eActros is the result of careful consideration. Certainly, it is an additional step in our environmental policy given our previous investments with our HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) vehicle and our Eco-combis. We have been waiting for the first successful electric solution and we are not disappointed!

In the future

We are convinced that being a pioneer in this technological revolution is a major asset in our industry. Therefore, we are convinced that this first mastered step will allow us to acquire even more experience and competence while following our progressive lineage in the field. We will continue to explore technologies and innovations to complement this electric solution and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future for all.

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