Van Mieghem Logistics acquires the first fifth generation Belgian Actros

The first trucks without mirrors appear on Belgian roads

A truck without its traditional mirrors is not common. Motorists and weak users will therefore find it hard to believe when they meet Van Mieghem Logistics' (Saintes) new Actros on our roads. The large mirrors have been replaced by a practical alternative, namely discreet, thin and above all aerodynamic cameras located on either side of the vehicle. The images of these cameras are displayed on two screens in the cab, giving the driver an even clearer view of the situation next to and behind his truck, improving everyone's safety. You can therefore drive without fear in the vicinity of a new Actros.

Van Mieghem Logistics has a fleet of 300 vehicles, 90% of which are Mercedes-Benz. However, this is no coincidence, as the Brabant-Wallon carrier is fully aware of the technological lead of the star brand. "We know the advantages of Mercedes-Benz and the Actros. In terms of technology, they clearly outstrip the competition. In addition, we see every day that the Actros is a particularly reliable vehicle. With this truck, which is already in its fifth generation, Mercedes-Benz has taken another crucial step forward. It is therefore not surprising that we immediately ordered eleven new Actros, the first four of which are being delivered to us today. One of these new trucks will also be used as a LHV and therefore has a COC (technical certificate) of 60 tonnes," explains Laurent Van Mieghem, from the eponymous company specialised in transport and logistics.

A better view without mirrors

The most striking new feature is of course the MirrorCam, which makes the large front side mirrors superfluous. It not only offers advantages in terms of fuel consumption, but also improves the driver's visibility. The latter sees the images filmed by the cameras on two narrow screens located on the left and right of the cabin. These cameras have a major advantage: they can also be adapted during maneuvers and bends, so that the driver has optimum visibility at all times of what is happening next to and behind his truck.

An intelligent on-board guide

However, the new Actros has many other strings to its bow, such as the second generation of the Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC), an intelligent adaptive cruise control that uses its geographical knowledge to further reduce fuel consumption. "Previously, this system was only activated on highways. It has now been extended to all transit routes in Europe. The fuel savings that will occur will therefore be even greater," says Laurent Van Mieghem.

Available for all

While the financial benefit is certainly significant, the director of the transport company is even more impressed by the practical advantages of PPC 2.0: "The system suggests optimal speeds for all roundabouts, while indicating the authorized speed and the recommended speed to optimize consumption on all secondary roads of the network. This is precisely the kind of detail that allows Mercedes-Benz to stay ahead of its competitors. Moreover, a reduction in consumption automatically goes hand in hand with a reduction in emissions, and therefore with a considerable improvement in our ecological footprint. "The new Actros without mirrors therefore not only has a rather special look; it is also a real concentration of new technologies. "But the most impressive thing is that all these new products are now standard and are therefore accessible to everyone," concludes Laurent Van Mieghem.

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