New location in the north of Brussels

One year ago, we commissioned our new warehouse in Machelen.

Our subsidiary GTT Transport has its new premises in Machelen since July 2019. 

This new building allowed the company to move from Dilbeek to Machelen. 

This move is above all of strategic importance. Indeed, this new building, which can accommodate 8,000 pallets, has the latest innovations in terms of energy, which allows a strong reduction of the carbon footprint.

With a height of 15 meters, we opted for narrow aisles of shelving which allows a 40% increase in storage. This choice of shelving also reduces the risk of incidents with the use of three-way forklift trucks.

In addition to storage, this building is also used as a cross-docking platform for shipments to the north of the country, allowing a better flow of goods.

The building is ideally located next to Brussels airport and next to the E19 freeway linking Brussels and Antwerp.

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