Handover Belgium’s first electric truck this 15/10/2020

The eActros has made its entry into our company.

This 15/10/2020, a Mercedes-Benz 25 Tons 100% electric vehicle joined our fleet within our company.

This vehicle emitting no CO2 is the first of its size to run in Belgium, and has an autonomy of 200 km.

The eActros is still in its test phase and we will have the privilege and the pleasure to test it during the coming months.

The vehicle will mainly circulate in our capital city, Brussels, but however it will be possible for you, to your great surprise, to come across it elsewhere as well.

The choice to be part of this technological breakthrough is totally in line with our environmental policy.

We are constantly looking for innovation to reduce our ecological impact and thus be able to best meet the demands of our customers and partners.

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