Sustainable development

Every day, we take care of the environment protection

Concerned about the impact of our activities on the environment, Van Mieghem Logistics has adopted a strategy on the emission standards of its vehicles.

In the past years, our company has been committed in the acquisition of the latest EURO emission vehicles.

This proactive policy enabled us to anticipate the application of a pollution standard which became compulsory in the E.U. in 2009 for all registered vehicles.

Thereby, our fleet is composed of 20% EURO5 and 80% EURO6.

We have implemented a monitoring and improvement program for fuel efficiency and consumption which applied to our entire fleet.

In addition, we do recycle all non-reusable pallets, packaging from all our production sites, waste oils and tyres.

When selling our vehicles, our maintenance department recycles the concentrated gas in the air conditioning of our vehicles.

When buying tyres, we pay particular attention to the standard of sound emission and consumption.