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At Van Mieghem Logistics, we offer a wide range of logistics services, from goods storage and handling to distribution and goods flow management. In this article, we will explore in more detail the services our company offers and how they can help companies improve their supply chain.

Storage and handling

Van Mieghem Logistics offers storage and material handling solutions for companies of all sizes. With a total storage space of more than 145.000 m² spread across 11 locations in Europe, our company can meet a wide variety of storage needs.

Every day, our employees handle a very large number of orders, from the simplest to the most complex. Therefore, we handle different types of goods, from piece picking to complete orders. Our service is very complete and we can handle a wide range of products, from food products to chemicals. Packaging, repackaging, relabeling and quality control are all ensured. Depending on our warehouses, our teams carry out these missions in a rotation of two or three shifts. Moreover, thanks to our AEO-F and IFS certifications, our customers are assured of the integrity and safety of their goods.


We are aware that traceability is a fundamental element to ensure the safety and quality of our clients' goods. This is why we provide them with several tools for a complete traceability of all our operations. In addition to our latest generation scanners, we work with GS1 labels with a unique SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code). With these labels, we can transmit all the information of a pallet to the recipient via EDI. This gives us the ability to handle many customer specificities, including linking our internal traceability to our customer's initial traceability and much more.

Goods flow management

Van Mieghem Logistics can help companies to optimize their supply chain by providing a complete goods flow management. We use planning and management tools to ensure that products are delivered to the right places at the right time. We can also easily manage the goods for customers, ensuring that stock levels are always appropriate.

Our company uses the latest technology to track the supply chain at all times to ensure that products are delivered on time, and that customers are informed at every stage from order picking to delivery. We also take care of returns management according to our customers' specific needs.

International Logistics

We also offer international logistics management services to help companies ship their products internationally. This includes customs management, import duty and tax management, and international shipment coordination.

Security and Sustainability

In order to ensure the safety and quality of our customers' products, we use many internal applications, including our own Warehouse Management System (WMS), which allows us to efficiently manage our logistics flow, while continuing to improve the quality of our service.

We also use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), which makes us very flexible and allows us to easily exchange valuable information with our various customers. From the simplest files, Excel, CSV or XML, to the most complex, EDI. We integrate easily with your IT level. In addition, the company has a solid infrastructure to guarantee the security of stored products, including fire and intrusion detection systems.

In addition, we are committed to sustainable practices, such as building CO2-neutral warehouses, having photovoltaic panels on our sites, and our LED lights programmed to activate only when passing through. We also follow a strict recycling policy and are constantly looking for new technologies and innovative practices to improve sustainability in our business.

Some numbers

With our 250 logisticians, it is:

More than 1.200 pallets processed per day ;

More than 500.000 pallet storage locations;

More than 5.300 lines we process every day.

A well-considered choice

In conclusion, Van Mieghem Logistics is a major player in the field of logistics in Belgium and beyond, offering a complete range of storage, handling, distribution and goods flow management services. Our commitment to safety and sustainability makes us the optimal choice for companies looking to improve their supply chain.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries or personalized logistics requests!

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