Our activities

The Astre network, first european network of SME in transport and logistics.

Founded in 1992, the Astre group is now the first European network of small and medium-sized companies for transport and logistics.

With more than 300 facilities located throughout Europe, the network allows to pool freight and knowledge, and therefore saving costs for all the actors of the supply chain.   

In the past 24 years, the number of network members has strongly risen allowing to increase production capacities.

Astre Benelux

Van Mieghem is also a part of Astre Benelux-UK. The Astre Benelux-UK network is made of 10 medium-sized transport and logistics companies, having the conviction that, together, they are capable of offering a greater range of solutions to their clients, partners and/or network using the speciality of each network member. This operation extends beyond the company or country borders and gets organized around the exchange of know-how within Astre Benelux-UK.

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Astre Palet System

Palet System, the European network of pallet distribution.

Palet System is the pallet distribution service of the Astre network. Thanks to this distribution service, Astre Palet System guarantees every day the security and the traceability of your expeditions during the whole expedition process. 

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