We are IFS Logistics certified !

The attainment of IFS Logistics certification demonstrates our commitment to excellence in product quality and safety.

May 2023

Van Mieghem Logistics is proud to announce its new and enhanced IFS Logistics (International Featured Standard) certification, which showcases its dedication to maintaining a high level of quality and safety for its customers throughout the supply chain. This certification requires the implementation of an HACCP system and compliance with rigorous standards in service quality, traceability, hygiene, cleanliness of warehouses and vehicles, pest control, and more. It also ensures that risks are minimized to ensure the health and safety of consumers.

Service Quality

At Van Mieghem Logistics, we place great emphasis on the quality of our service. We hold several authorizations for our transportation and logistics activities, including GDP (Good Distribution Practice) authorization, AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status, and BIO (Certisys) certification. By obtaining IFS Logistics certification, which is valid for one year and renewed annually, we commit to providing superior quality service to our clients, ensuring the security of their goods, and strictly adhering to relevant regulations.

As compliance with quality standards becomes increasingly crucial in the transportation and logistics industry, this certification serves as proof to our existing and future partners that we have a high-quality, reliable, and trustworthy management system.


As part of our development plan, we aim to maintain our current certifications and authorizations while also striving to obtain ISO 14001 and Ecovadis certifications. Our company is committed to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility to reduce our environmental impact and enhance our social and environmental performance.


Internally, our company has developed customized applications for optimal management of your supply chain, including our Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Our major advantage lies in our great flexibility, enabling us to efficiently meet the specific needs of each client. These applications have proven their reliability in terms of traceability during external audits.

We take pride in our IFS Logistics certification and will continue working hard to maintain a high level of quality and safety for our clients. Moreover, we strive to offer innovative and flexible transportation and logistics solutions to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

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