Van Mieghem Logistics brings its expertise to the humanitarian situation in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the crisis, we have carried out more than 40 humanitarian convoys to Ukraine and its borders

Van Mieghem Logistics responds to the urgent requests of MSF Belgium to provide for the basic needs of the Ukrainian people.

For a month now, numerous convoys have been leaving, are leaving and will leave for Ukraine and the neighbouring countries on the Ukrainian borders. These trucks carry medical instruments, donations, medicines and emergency medical supplies.

We have been working with MSF Belgium for several years, including hosting their mobile war hospital, which had to be rushed to the Ukrainian borders.

This hospital was transported in three convoys with a total of 17 semi-trailers at the end of March.

As professional logisticians, we have a great deal of organisational expertise, which allows our partner to concentrate fully on its humanitarian mission: to help the victims of the war in Ukraine.

In addition, we have also come to the aid of several municipalities such as Tubize, for whom we have transported several hundred donations (toys, food, etc.) for the people in crisis. These donations arrived safely in Romania and brought great comfort and help to the Ukrainians.


This surge of solidarity would not be possible without the incredible courage of our volunteer and supportive drivers.

The safety of our drivers is of utmost importance. That is why Van Mieghem Logistics has taken the necessary safety measures to ensure that these risky operations run smoothly: vehicle tracking, remote monitoring, 24/7 communication with our drivers, additional insurance in case of an accident and repatriation procedures.

We cannot thank our drivers enough for their dedication and motivation.


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